Tracy Bell

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Tracey Bell has performed her critically acclaimed show
"8 Divas in 44 Minutes" for hundreds of diverse groups from all over the World. Star of the award winning film, Impersona, Bell has twice been nominated by the Canadian Special events Industry for the Entertainer of the Year Star Award.

Tracey first stepped into the spotlight with a Tina Turner impersonation that brought down the house. Since then she has guest starred as Cher on the X-files and sang to Pierre Trudeau and Kurt Russell as Marilyn.

Whether photo-doubling as celebrities for film and television, dazzling hockey fans across Canada or shaking up the Manhatten Mortgage party in New York, Bell is a crowd pleasing professional. She "performs her heart out" at remote Canadian festivals and at mansions in California, clearly loving what she does.

Tracey Bell creates customized shows, develops new characters and often hosts award presentation events. Wherever she goes, Tracey Bell will leave an impression